Accelerating the advent of sustainable urban agriculture by empowering fresh food

Our global population is growing, cities have emerged as the new home of humanity. GROWx advanced Vertical Farms offer cities the power to grow year round local fresh food. The Juno Series vertical farm produces herbs, microgreens and salads that are harvested to order for Amterdam´s chefs. GROWx Amsterdam collaborates with chefs to grow what they love.



Winter ’17

Chefs use microgreens to enhance the beauty, taste and freshness of their dishes with their delicate textures and distinctive flavors. GROWx Amsterdam´s microgreens provide a variety of leaf flavors, such as sweet and spicy in brilliant living colors.


Winter ’17

Fresh Mint Tea is one of the most loveable and popular Amsterdam Drinks.  GROWx Amsterdam provides locally daily harvested and prepared Mint Tea for restaurants who care about fresh.


Spring ’17

GROWx will offer a collection of soft and hard herbs.


Summer ’17

GROWx will offer a collection of ready for service bagged salads.

How it works

Step 1


Meet with us and select the seeds you want to see.

Step 2


We test and taste product with your grow with you.

Step 3


Define how much you will be needing.

Step 4


Daily order, we grow, harvest and deliver the greens you love.



John Apesos

Director & Co-Founder

Outward Bound Instructor leading adventure based outdoor programs Boston and around the world. Start-up experience in clean media, LED lighting, creative leadership and vertical farming. He holds a degree in European History from Boston University and MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management.

Jens Ruijg

Operations Director & Co-Founder

Jens has experience in designing, running and optimizing industrial plants both for large and small companies. The last 7 years Jens has been active in the bio energy and tech sector and is passionate about climate change. Jens will make sure the herbs and salads are produced at the highest quality. Jens has a MSc in Biochemical engineering at Delft University of Technology.

Alberto López

Product Manager

Biosystems Engineer previously involved in the EDEN Project at the German Space Agency, currently managing our R&D facility. More details soon.

Non-executive advisory board

Jan Willem van der Schans


Jan Willem serves as one of the principal investigators at the Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions Institute and over 15 years as a senior researcher in the Landbouw Economisch Instituut and Wageningen University.

Sander Hogewoning

Plant Physiologist

Founder and Director of Plant Lighting BV focused on crop yield optimization, photosynthesis, plant responses to light, light sources and stomatal responses. Sander and his team at Plant Lighting BV work with GROWx to customize the plant´s climate to perfection.

Pim Evers


Pim is an entrepreneur and business development player with strong local business ties to the restaurant and hotel industry.

Jan Lucas van Koppenhagen


Jan Lucas has 40 years of professional experience in the finance industry in the Netherlands, Europe and internationally. He was a Member of the Executive Board of Directors/ CFO at Strukton Rail bv for 15 years.