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The need for green

Urbanization, it’s the trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Just look at the Netherlands, which currently requires an area three times bigger than its land mass just to meet the food demands of its citizens.

While traditional farming can sustain rural communities, city-dwellers of the future need a fresh food infrastructure they can rely on - without exceeding their urban footprint. And that’s precisely the kind of green revolution we’re starting with GROWx.

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Pioneering urban agriculture

As a foundation for thriving city landscapes, the Netherlands has long been a top provider of fresh, local produce for the rest of the globe. The supply to meet the agricultural demand of cities like Amsterdam has actually been here all along, we’ve simply reinvented the process. 

With high-tech vertical farming, we’re able to grow the perfect greens right in the center of Amsterdam. So we can provide the city with a sustainable and local food supply, that’s as delicious as it is fresh.

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Technology for circular cities

Not only is GROWx the first vertical farm in the world to run off renewable energy, we actually keep things clean from seed to chef. Combined with circular packaging, growing and selling locally minimizes our waste and emissions. Plus, it reduces the city’s dependence on expensive imports with large carbon footprints.

The farm’s smart LED light system ensures every day is a Summer’s day without a cloud in the sky. Working with expert chefs to perfect our climates, we can guarantee rapid growing and predictable nutrient content - meaning the same high quality every single time.

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Our greens

At GROWx, we’re advocates for clean food, meaning our selection of craft greens are always free from pesticides. Their natural goodness and wholesome taste has even earned them a spot on some of Amsterdam’s finest restaurant plates.

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Our Impact

no-hidden-extras-icon.svgNo pesticides

We produce clean, healthy, and wholesome greens with no pesticides or additives.

space-savvy-icon.svgSpace savvy

Our skyscraper farms use minimal surface area so we can make the most of every square meter.

water-on-repeat-icon.svgWater, on repeat

Circular and recycled water systems enable us to use 95% less water than your average field farm.

green-logistics-icon.svgGreen logistics

Ecological packaging and minimal transportation needs reduce our carbon footprint to a tiny toe print.

energy-savers-icon.svgEnergy savers

We’re the only vertical farm in the world to run off completely renewable energy - pretty neat, huh?

always-a-silver-lining-icon.svgAlways a silver lining

Our sustainably powered LED lights ensure every day is a Summer’s day on the GROWx farm.

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